Demo Scenario with just the Hub + Spokes

Hey folks,

In two weeks my group is starting up a Burning Wheel game. This week, I was thinking of running a demo scenario. However, my explicit goal with our upcoming game is to learn the rules slowly, pretty much just using the Hub + Spokes for a short campaign (6ish sessions). Which is problematic for a demo scenario, as they all seem to be predicated on the idea of using at least one of the subsystems (I can’t see how you’d do Hochen without either a Fight!, a Duel of Wits, or both).

Is it possible to approach The Sword or Trouble in Hochen with the subsystems explicitly off the table?


I think The Library is pretty cool, though it might need a couple of tweaks for first-time players. It’s still possible you’ll get a DoW at the end.

Really it’s because most BW one-shots will have the tendency towards a DoW at the end, I think: oftentimes the thing that sets it apart from just being a D&D-style adventure is that the characters have somewhat diverging goals that come to a head once the struggle is over and it’s time for the big moral decision to be made.

Both Hochen and The Sword run fine with versus tests and standard tests.

That’s all I need to hear. Thanks.