Demon Slayer Arrow

Hey everyone, I apologize if this should be in Sparks, but this seemed liked an appropriate place at the time.

My group is going to start a game soon using old characters from an old game we played six or seven years ago. Im trying to convert the characters over to BWG. Let me be the first to say that we’re in no way trying to create exact replicas or to ‘shoehorn’ BW into our old campaign. I’d like to think that we’re going about this the right way, starting at group world creation where our previously unfinished campaign becomes the situation that we’re burning characters into. Those characters will just be thematically the same characters.

However, some of the magic the characters have accumulated will need to be transferred as well. One in general is a Demon Slayer Arrow. In the reference material Demons are considered supernatural creatures and can only be damaged by weapons that can hurt the supernatural. To me that sounds like an easy equivalent. Demons in BW(G) are creatures with Spirit Nature, so creating this arrow to be a Spirit Weapon is a no brainer…almost.

Damage, is really was I was wondering. The arrow in the source material wouldnt kill a demon outright, but could cause it grievous harm.

Would this then qualify the arrow to be Grey Shade? A demon’s Mi-Mw are all grey shade, so the hope of killing one would be too right?

Let me know what you think please?

Yes, if canon is that the arrow can grievously wound demons, it needs to be a grey spirit weapon. Because if it remains black, the worst it will do is a Light or possible a Supie! However, there’s a good chance for a single-shot kill in the hands of a masterful (or lucky) archer. A G10 kills just about every demon out there!

BUT you will also need to put another trait that restricts this magic to demons alone, something like “Demon Bane.” Otherwise, this arrow would destroy giants, dragons, and pretty much everything.

Also, BWHQ’s very first campaign was a conversion from an existing D&D campaign. It worked well enough, but expect a flavor, tonal shift. With the introduction of BITs and the possibility of dying from a single hit from a crossbow, it’s to be expected!

Got any more magic you’d like to convert? It’s a favorite pastime of mine!

Thanks Kublai! - I appreciate it. At the moment I cant think of any other magic that I would need to convert. The other one that I was working on was a Ring of Nightvision - but I was thinking it could be a ring that conferred a trait, and the trait used could be Lynx Eyed, Like Burning Coals. Would that work?

Yummy! A Ring of Nightvision is a good one and conferring traits is the best way to make it work. Though, there’s a subtle distinction that needs to be made. If the ring lets you see in complete darkness, then the Orcish Lynx-Eyed trait is best. But if it’s intended to act like it’s name, where there’s naught but faint starlight, than use the Elvish seeing trait where all they need to see perfectly is the tiniest of light.

On a different note, BW magic items tend to come with restrictions, ways to break the magic if you don’t follow its rules. These are intended to enhance that narrative role of the item and make each one unique, much like the ones in our fairy tales. For instance, a pouch that grants 1D cash a day. But should you ever deny someone generosity, the pouch ceases to function. For your ring, maybe it actually changes the appearance of the bearer’s eyes, making them dark and slit like an orc’s. There are much better examples in the Monster Burner and forthcoming Codex, but hopefully you get the idea.

Thanks again Kublai! - You’re a wealth of information. I spoke with the player of the item, and we actually both liked the idea of his eyes slitting like that of an Orc while the ring is on. That could have for some interesting narration if he were to come into contact with someone who was not aware of the enchantment. - maybe we could say; because its a ring of night - that if the rays of the sun ever touch the ring, that it looses its enchantment. That way the character must keep it safe and wrapped up during the day?

Back to the arrow point - I was thinking about what you said about giving the arrow a trait like Deamon’s Bane - as for the rules though can you help me out as to which options that would be under to add a restriction or trait like that? Or is it enough to just narratively say the restriction is there?

Thanks again!

I think destroying the ring’s enchantment with exposure to the sun is a bit harsh. More in line with how Orcs work, I’d suggest instead that you apply the same daylight penalties that Orcs suffer - +1 Ob to all tests made in the sunlight. But again, it’s your world and there’s a dozen ways to do things.

The forthcoming Codex will have rules about Enchanting, so I can’t refer you to one right now. But as your exists already, you just need to back it into BW. And that’s done at your narrative whim! It’s all about traits and descriptions. You can add as many or as few as you want.