Depleted Resources

So we were playing MG last night, and during the Player Turn, Aelwyn wanted to use one of his checks to get a nice gift for this female guardmouse that he’s quite smitten with.

A nice gift is Ob3, and he has Resources of 3. He rolls, gets two successes, and decides to take his lumps on the twist, rather than pushing for that last success.

I asked him: “If you were shopping, and you found the perfect thing, but it was quite a bit more than you wanted to spend, would you get it anyway, tapping yourself out, or downgrade to something more affordable?”

Him: “I’d definitely get the nicer thing.”

So for his twist consequence, I depleted his Resources to 2. Okay? We’re all on the same page? Good.

Now, thanks to some other Resource rolls to find lodging as the patrol travels from town to town, Aelwyn already had two Successes ticked for his Resources. This shopping trip just gave him a ‘failed’ tick.

So… his Resources just got moved to 2… and he has 2 successes and 1 failure… which is what you need to raise your Resources to 3.

What happens?

Options I see:

  • Damned Unlikely Option: Resources magically pops right back up to three.
  • Slightly more likely, and nicer than option 3: You need to get another Resources check (doesn’t matter what kind) to raise Resources back up.
  • Most likely, but meanest: it’s like Nature, and the depletion clears all your ticks away, and you start over.

That would be correct. Check out page 228 “Clean the Slate” for reference.