Descent into Sendic's Tomb

So, here’s the adventure that I came up with for Big Bad Con this weekend. I’m running it in a 6-hour slot with 5 players, so I’m hoping that I’ll have enough time for them to get through at least most of it. Most of it’s pretty straight forward, I think, but it’s late and I’m tired, so I thought I should see if anyone notices anything that I’ve missed, or is particularly stupid.


One thing I noticed is that the amount of loot in the grave chamber is not specified; the text just says there’s probably quite a bit of it. Also, there’s not much happening until the party encounters the yellow mould, and then the first goblins after that. I assume this is intentional, to keep things short, but – those swivelling swords in the second room? How can you resist the temptation to make those into a trap? Your players will feel cheated.

Maybe a trap would be good there. My initial thinking was that either they’d sort out the puzzle pretty quick and we’d call it a good idea and move on, or they’d force open the monument, possibly giving me the chance to collapse the stairway behind them as a twist for the failed Health roll. But maybe a trap would be good there.

I’d planned in leaving the treasure in the crypt proper up to a loot table roll, but I might sprinkle some coin and other loot in there now.

Making a note of how many times to roll on the loot table should do the job, I think. On the other hand, that’s a perfect chance for adding a bit atmosphere with some exotic or weird pieces of loot.

Or you could have fun with some random tables of your own! When your players find valuables in the tomb, determine the value and bulk in the usual manner, but additionally roll 1d6 for every column below to determine what it is:

(1d6)	It is a	(type)		with			(details)			that		
(1)	golden	dagger		platinum inlays		in the old dwarfish manner	catches the eye
(2)	silver	chalice		ornate tracery		in the imperial style of (X)	glimmers in the dark
(3)	copper	headdress	inset rubies		in a style completely unknown	attracts flies
(4)	bone	belt		lapislazuli chips	in floral patterns 		gives you the creeps
(5)	ebony	brooch		ancient writing		with odd stains			reminds you of old tales
(6)	glass	bracelet	swirling etchings	which blur(s) before your eyes	is worth your soul/life