Detective as "profession" in Freemarket

I know that crimes are uncommon at Donut, but I have one freemer with clade Ms. Marple.

One I imagined first was kind of mentalist inspired investigation aka Social Engineering you will commit your fault and pay your debt. But had a hard time about more classic clue looking type, so I assume it Ghosting challenge, but in that case Detective is “target”, can target initiate challenge?

There is example where superuser luke says

Eppy once used a Ghosting challenge to catch a wetworker trying to escape the scene of a deathing gone wrong. I described a high-speed, acrobatic chase through the towers and corridors.

This seem to be off-shot, but not in my alley yet, thought it’s more of “Atletics vs. Atletics” type.

What about that in case of investigation superuser initiate kind of split time ghosting challenge of past actions now showed and clues gathered right now, with mid level actions of evidence left but missed or some kind of that. So Initiator is ghosting expert NPC, while detective is target played by appropriate PC.

any ideas or suggestions?

Investigation is really easy. Just ask the Aggregate for the video footage.

One big aspect of Ghosting is avoiding those cameras.

I guess so.

We always imagined that detectives would be an integral part of station life. Just because everything is recorded doesn’t mean everything is clear.

So much so that one of the stock character stories included in the boxed set is a detective.

Parsing information (thin slicing), interviewing first-hand witnesses (social engineering) are super important.

Thin Slicing - that would be increasing value of data?
Can you show example please? (I have not internalized concept of data yet)

Not always, you can also read tags from a geneline, piece of tech or interface.

Shaping is also good for investigating people (you read your target’s geneline and its tags, experiences or long term memories).