Devil Wasp Swarm

A swarm of red wasps nearly an inch long. They only attack en masse when their hives are damaged, unless they’re controlled by some sorcery.
Might: 1
Nature: 4 (one swarm of a hundred or so)
Descriptors: Swarming, Scaring, Building

Drive Off: 10
Attack: +1D, Painful Stings
Maneuver: +1D, +1S, Droning Wings

Flee: 4
Attack: +1D, +1S, Droning Wings

No other conflicts (but subject to Good Idea, of course).
Instinct: Defend the hive.
Special: Venomous stings: after a conflict with a wasp swarm, any character who has lost disposition to wasps must include venomous stings as a factor until he succeeds in an Ob3 Health test. A healer can aid this check with poultices.

I feel like it’d be awesome if they could inject venom into characters…maybe it acts as a factor for skills until healed?

They should have a kill conflict… just with a stupidly high defend (9D or so) and 10+dispo, and special rule of maximum 1 dispo lost from any melee or ranged weapon attack (tho fire, magic, or acid allow a full attack).

Great idea, Carpe. I’ll add that now.

Aramis, that’s definitely an old-school way of fighting swarms, but I don’t feel like you could kill a flying wasp swarm with a torch or eldrich bolts or whatever. Waving a torch around might drive them off, though. A fireball or cloud of poison would just wipe them out (good idea).