Did y'all nix the dreaded elven spear in BWG?

I don’t see it mentioned in the Elven Arms section on page 157, which is the corresponding section to where it was described in BWR.

Is it described somewhere else and I can’t find it or was it dropped?


An elven spear is just a Superior Quality Spear (as you’ll see in the Elven Arms entry, all Elven Arms–as opposed to Run of the Mill Arms–are Superior Quality Weapons). Check the entry for Superior Quality Spear in the Weapon Appendix on page 554.

It was the same in Revised, we just happened to give the stats in the Elven Arms entry in Revised.

Actually, the one in Revised never said that it was two-handed.

Consider that a bit of Revised errata.

You can’t retroactively un-cheat the Elven Spear. That’s a treasured memory among cheatin’ elves everywhere. (Also apparently among guys named Peter. Coincidence?)

“Cheatin’ elf” is redundant. I always just assumed that a one-handed superior spear made sense because, y’know, elves and shit.