Direct Fire & Shot Opportunities

The Direct Fire man. lets you buy Shot Opps are 1 dice each, and also lets you transfer dice to the shooter. However, you can only do the second if everyone in the unit is firing. The ‘Shot Opportunity Scale’ section later on explains that each shot opportunity brought gives about 20% of your unit a shot, so you’re looking at 6 extra successes before you can give the sniper a bonus dice.

That all makes sense so far, but what happens if you’ve got a mixed unit with members who either can’t make the shot (they only have Close Combat weapons for example*) or have another job to be doing (the signals guy, or the medic). Does everyone count, or just those that could make the shot in the first place? I imagine this is only relevant in very small squads, but I’d like to clear it up before our next session.

Apologies if this question seems a bit obvious, but I also want to check that my train of thought is correct (as I’ve only just clicked on what the shot scaling thing means). Thanks in advance for answers/insight!

*If that sounds unlikely, my Forged Lord is always accompanied by her Kerrn bodyguard, who only has close combat weapons (as he’s not skilled in anything else!).

Only the people who can shoot can take shot opportunities.

If your signals op and medics aren’t putting metal down range, your GM is going WAY too easy on you.

Luke, thanks for the clarification (again!). It’s nice to know that my bodyguard isn’t getting in the way of the real shooting!

I predict you’ll be putting an assault laser in his hands and having him fire it unskilled before it’s all over!

Psh, with Power 6 why mess around with an Assault Laser when you can have a Fusor!


as another player in the group and a squishy, to boot, I would like to say that this conversation regarding unskilled fusor use terrifies me.