Disarming a season during a journey

If the players use a maneuver during a journey and get a margin of successd of 3, can they use a disarm? If so, what happens?

They can’t use disarm as it wouldn’t do anything. They should choose to gain both the smaller benefits instead as it is a strictly optimal choice.

Did you give the weather weapons?

Um, no. But when this came up I wondered if I could have. Maybe make the snow cover ice over to give winter a plus 2D to manuver or something like that. Have you done something like that or were you being facetious?

My gut says since the weather has no weapons or traits that disarming isn’t really valid. If you get MoS 3 then choose the other two options like Guy mentioned.

I think you should give the weather weapons next time.

Next time I play I’m going to set my conflict goal to kill spring itself.

Or chase it away depending on how the GM interprets the natural order.


Sword tornado!

Icy rain, driving winds, blazing sun, etc. Nice! “Appropriate tools?”


Nope, not being facetious.

OMFG! I just realized what a lightning strike looks like to a mouse.

Yeah…it’s like adding “tactical nuke” to the list of human-sized weather weapons.

Ah, very good. Thanks all