Disarming inherent weapons

Just a quick question to find out how you deal with the disarming of monster weapons that are inherent (Keen Smell, Sharp Incisors etc.). I have a few ideas but would like to benefit from your experience, as I am sure it has come up along the way. I understand Description Forward should be a big factor here.

  1. Disarming multiple foes (rats, spiders etc.). This would tend to suggest rendering the weapon in question less effective?

as opposed to

  1. Single opponent in Kill/Drive Off conflict. More of a classic physical injuring or temporary disabling of the weapon?

As for 2: this happened in our first game. A player made a maneuver with a shield against a stone spider, and rolled exceptionally. He chose to disarm it.

I ruled that he swung his shield and cracked that eight-legged bastard in the fangs, shattering them. The spider was unable to make his terrible poison attacks for the remainder of the combat.

Made for a great moment…and a great reoccurring enemy.

I had this question as well. As GM in a kill conflict with Giant Rats, I declare their weapon as Sharp Incisors for the round. If the players successfully disarm the rats, then Sharp Incisors are out for the rest of the conflict. As GM I would describe that action as kicking the Giant Rats squarely in the teeth, making them recoil and becoming more skittish about going in for a large bite. On page 150, the rules discuss disarming monsters. If the monster doesn’t have a listed natural weapon, such as Sharp Incisors?, then they do not suffer -1D for fighting unarmed and therefor, cannot be disarmed either? But since the Giant Rats have a natural weapon (Sharp Incisors), they can be disarmed, and once disarmed they suffer -1D to ALL actions for the remainder of the conflict?

Edit: The Giant Rats also have the conflict weapon “Lithe Body,” would that mean they aren’t disarmed fully yet and wouldn’t suffer the -1D until Lithe Body was disarmed as well?

I believe you suffer the -1D until you can activate the 2nd weapon between rounds.