Discharge Email?

Hi guys!

Some weeks ago, i maked me order of Burning Wheel Gold. Today i get my book, but when i open the package, the cover is the other way round!
I live in Argentine and i had to wait long time for this… so frustrating.

No my intention make bad publicity, only i´m a client asking for solution. Searching the web, i dont find a email for discharge.

If this forum is not the right, please move the thread.

Sorry for my english, is not my native language.

Take some pics:

Now THAT is a collector’s item!

If you bought it directly from us, we’ll replace it. Contact Andy Action <andyaction@andyactionfulfillment.com>

If you bought it from another seller, contact them to replace it.

Whoa! I would think that a run at the printer would be very consistent.

Luke, did you get all hopped up on goofballs and bind the books yourself again?

I’m upside down right now.

We’ve found about a half-dozen of the upside down-bound books so far. Some people love 'em. Some don’t.

I bought it directly from you.

O.o you mean that error is intentional? simply you send the failbook and see if the client love them?

So how do I get me one of these upside down books, because it seems like it is just perfect for reading on a Train.

I seriously doubt BWHQ is sending out the misprints on purpose.

You quickly PM him, and offer to by him a new, upright one in exchange for his upside down one, and include (in a wax envelope) the postage for him to send you his…