Disengage From Melee, Remain Engaged At Ranged?

This question has to do with the flow of combat between Ranged and Melee combat.
Two combatants, each one is a dulest. Character A fights with two swords while character B fights with twin daggers that have been purchased as both melee and throwing weapons. B wants to disengage from melee range yet remain Engaged for ranged combat as he could still keep A in Throwing Range. How would you rule on this?

At the beginning of the exchange, Vie for Position as normal. If B wins, B is at advantage with the chosen weapon, which effectively gives A the intended disadvantage for bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Middle of the exchange, changing weapons will always hurt you a little.

Vie for Position with the knives as throwing weapons. Succeed and you have them at throwing range, fail and your knives are poised to throw but you are at sword range.

So if “B” wins positioning for throwing daggers do we then have to go into range and cover instead of fight! ? That just seems like the wrong game mechanism as they started out in fight and the dirksmans intent was to extend the range to make his opponents swords usless while his daggers wouldn’t be. (The Bladesman could still attempt to charge or try to close the range)

You stay in Fight, you just use the missile line on the chart on page 451 for the character with the thrown weapons. If he succeeds, Sword Guy is at +3 Ob to deal with Dirk Guy. If Sword Guy wins the Vie for Position, then Dirk Guy is at +2 Ob to deal with him. The important thing is that you spell out whether Dirk Guy is positioning with his knives as melee or thrown weapons before you roll to see who gets the advantage for the top of the exchange.

Sounds good to me. Thanks Guys!