Disposition roll and teamwork

The patrol was on the march with a detachment of ten mice of the Lillygrove guard. A fox came out to hunt a mouse or two for its dinner. The patrol decides the fight type of conflict , and the goal wil be to drive the fox away. In all there are 14 mice. I don’t think the mice have such a large number to make a war conflict. So the captain roll for disposition. They can all help since they are fighters, and here I see that there is no limit to the number of help dice in the disposition roll, or at least the basic rules don’t specify anything. Would be ok to add 13 help dice to the disposition roll? How would you solve this mechanic, I think you should stipulate a maximum number of help dice per teamwork in the disposition or determine the number of mice that make a conflict go from a fighting conflict to a war conflict. I read you guys


I’d use the army size per natural order scale mentioned on the “Natural Order” section on chapter “Territory Inhabitants” as a base for both disposition and bonuses on skill rolls. Every army size would add a die to disposition roll and skill bonuses.

For instance, the rules say that to kill a fox you’d need 100 mice. So, to get +1D on disposition roll you’d need to have an army of 200. For a +2D, you’d need 300 mice and so on.

Since all you want is to scare the fox away, you could divide that body count by, maybe, 5?


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