Disposition Roll & Nature

Playing a game, one of the players wanted to tap his nature by spending a Persona Point to add his Nature to the disposition dice pool. The conflict was a fighting conflict, and this is not a mouse kind nature action, so he was acting counter-naturally. His nature would only be reduced by one point and he could add a large amount of dice at his disposal… this got me thinking.

Disposition is not a common test, and cannot fail or succeed. Because of this players do not risk having their Nature reduced the margin of failure. So is this fair? Can the players still tap his nature if there is no risk to be reduced?

Another case could also be that the player, for example, rolls for disposition in a military conflict, the player doesn’t have the militarist skill, so he decides to use his Nature to cover that action as the rules state. He would use his nature without risking to be reduced even one point this time, as he is not tapping it, he simply replaces it, and he has no option to fail that roll. Could the player do this, or should he just use beginner’s luck to make the disposition roll if he doesn’t have the required skill?

In the rules I only found these mentions that didn’t give a clear message of what to do:
" Using Nature for Disposition Mice may only use Nature as a base for disposition if the conflict is appropriate to their Nature—escaping, climbing, hiding or foraging."

“Disposition Roll
The disposition roll does not count toward advancement, since it has no success or failure.”

So my conclusions are these:

  • Players may not use Nature in their disposition roll unless the action requires escaping, climbing, hiding or foraging.
  • Players cannot use their Nature to substitute the required skill for the conflict, they must invoke beginner’s luck if they do not have that skill.(This also made me think about what the player would do in Torchbearer if he were also scared, since that condition does not allow the player to use beginner’s luck).
  • You cannot spend a character point to invoke your Nature in the disposition roll, as there would be no risk of success or failure.

And here is my question: am I applying the rules correctly? what do you do in these cases? is there anything I have not understood?

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