DISPOSITION roll problem

If my players need to roll for disposition and the chart says to roll for SKILL X and add to WILL (or whatever), what do we do if none of the players have “SKILL X”?

I’ve never had this happen. LOL.

My guess is that they basically get a value of zero for Skill X but can add helping dice. In this case, with 3 mice on the team, the testing mouse would get 2 helper dice and would therefore roll 2d6 +WILL and that would be the team disposition.


Use the Beginner’s Luck rules. They roll half dice.

Thanks for the speedy reply. LOL. That’s awesome!


You could also roll nature and risk loosing it

So for technical purposes, if a player doesn’t have the applicable skill, what are his options for the disposition roll?

How would your nature be at risk of a tap? You mean you can spend a persona and tap nature for a Dispo roll? I didn’t see that in the rules. The rulebook just says to test the applicable skill but doesn’t mention what to do if you DON’T have the skill. Luke mentioned beginners luck. I would guess maybe you could also substitute WILL or HEALTH but I wouldn’t think you could tap nature.

But it seems like if players could optionally test either the stated skill OR health or will, that they might often be better off using health or will. This is purely for a boost of the numbers. Thematically I might prefer that if they don’t have the skill that there should be an in-game disadvantage because of it, not the option to gain an advantage by using health or will. Beginners luck seems reasonable. Could the player also then score a mark toward learning the skill if its used for a Dispo roll?

Dispo rolls don’t count toward advancement/learning.

Abour risking nature:

You don’t risk much. The base obstacle for Disposition is 1. If you roll your nature and get 0s than your nature get’s taxed by 1. It’s not a big deal and can be a lifesaver instead of rolling half stat for beginners luck.

Do you have a page number for that?
I allways figured that if you have the skill in question than you would roll it later in the conflict anyway and so you can only get 1 advancement per skill per conflict anyway so it was never a big deal.
I would love the page number though.

If you have the skill, you roll that; if you don’t have the skill, you use Beginner’s Luck and roll half of Health or Will, as appropriate. You can’t use Beginner’s Luck if you already have the skill, so it’s not abusable.

I’d be curious about using Nature for disposition too – while page 233 states you can use Nature in place of a skill you don’t have, given you can’t fail a disposition roll, there’d be no risk of taxing it.

I’d say you fail the roll if you have 0s. You need 1s to get disposition so that is a failure in my book. Its not a big risk.

Page ref for that?

No advancement for disposition rolls in on page 229, which also states you can’t fail a disposition roll. Ob1 seems wrong, especially given you add the # of successes to the base, not # of successes -1.

EDIT: actually, page 103 states disposition is Ob 0.

I agree with Raven. Its OB zero. I understand using beginners luck but Im still not convinced about tapping nature. For example, if you do have the skill, as far as I know, you can’t tap nature to boost your dispo. So why would you be able to do so if you DON’T have the skill?

I also think Luke’s explanation about dispo roll not counting toward advancement makes sense. (Of course, its HIS game after all. Lol.) Thematically, a dispo roll is used to determine your level of preparedness going into a conflict. It isn’t actually using the skill. No skill use seems like no life lesson learned. Makes sense.

Y’all are getting confused between two different uses of Nature:

  1. You can use Nature in place of a skill you don’t have.

  2. You can tap Nature, with a Persona point, to add your Nature rating to whatever dice you are already rolling.

You can do both! But they are different things.


Am I wrong in my understanding that nature can only be used in place of a skill IF it falls into the 4 “mouse nature” things: foraging, hiding, escaping and (eating cheese?)

I didn’t think it could be used willy-nilly.

And still, I don’t think there’s anything in the rules about

  1. Using nature as a substitute for a skill in a DISPOSITION roll
  2. Spending a persona to tap nature and boost a disposition roll.


Nature can be used in place of ANY skill. However, if it is not within a mouse’s defined Nature attributes, then it is at risk of taxing by the margin of failure.

pages 232 and 233
Acting with Your Nature
When action in the game involves
escaping, climbing, hiding or foraging,
you can roll your Nature instead of a
skill at no cost.

Acting Against Your Nature
A mouse may use his Nature as a reservoir of
strength to help him over difficult hurdles.

If your character is in a situation that is against
his Nature—fighting, researching, arguing,
etc.—and doesn’t have the proper skill, he may
make the test using his current Nature rating.

This is not Beginner’s Luck.

The player may roll
his full current Nature rating, not half.

However, if you’re testing to overcome an
obstacle that’s outside of your Nature, your
ability rating could be taxed.

Ok yeah. Got it.

But can you use nature for DISPO rolls then?

I vote no. Lol. Lets take a poll.

It would seem unfair, since there’s no penalty. I would say go with Beginner’s Luck.

There’s no poll to be taken. If you do not have a relevant skill and the conflict is within your Nature, you can use your Nature.

For conflicts against Nature, since there’s no pass or fail, tax Nature by one.