Disposition roll

Hi all,

The disposition roll is something that the second edition rules leave open to the reader’s interpretation.

For example, it talks about adding to the pool the helping dice from those who participate with their skills and abilities (not wises).

And then among the modifiers, it talks about adding or subtracting dice depending on your traits, conditions and gear. But it doesn’t talk about the use of Fate Points or Persona Points.

The disposition roll is not a roll where you can succeed or fail, so it doesn’t make sense to tap your nature (as you would lose nothing and it would always give you a nice bonus), and using your wises to help wouldn’t make sense either as you couldn’t mark it on your sheet as a success or failure after helping. So I wonder… Does this mean that we don’t use fate points or persona points for the disposition roll, it would actually make more sense to me so it’s a raw roll… If we use them…will be just to add +1D to the roll for each persona spent and to repeat the axes (6) spending a fate point?

I used to let players use fate and persona but the mechanic rules seem to be better without them in the dispo roll

I haven’t found it in the rules that you can’t use persona or fate for disposition, but I agree that it doesn’t make much sense to do so.
For example, rerolling failures for a pathfinder test makes sense, because it is an action, a concrete thing that the mouse does, so it makes sense to enhance it with persona or fate points. You are destined to find that trail!
But at the beginning of a combat, you just have a semi-random number to start the combat with as your disposition. You are destined to start the combat with a stable stance and a firm grip on your sword? Nah, doesn’t make much sense.

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