Disposition when a Faction is the Government

How do you calculate the disposition effect of a faction being in government?

Let’s say as their Infiltration phase goal, the players successfully promoted the Royalists to be the planetary government.

How do you calculate disposition for the Usurpation phase? Do you:

a) use the Royalist Usurpation phase value (2), give that to the players (since they put them in charge, we assume it helps the players) and the Vaylen side gets nothing.

I haven’t found explicit support for this in the rules, but it seems the most predictable.

b) Determine which style of government the Royalists adopt - (e.g. Noble Fief) and therefore give the Vaylen 4 and the players 1?

This seems to fit the rules better, but has erratic consequences. In Royalsts in charge => Noble Fief, the players would get screwed (putting their faction in charge gives the Vaylen a 3-point lead in Usurpation). Merchant league has the opposite effect - activate in Usurpation at Ob 0, for a 3-point lead in Invasion.

b) Player screwage has no bearing on this. Sometimes your ideals don’t make the best defense against an alien invasion.