Distikka, a motley elf

This is Distikka, a motley punkish elf. She’s traveled far from Elfland in search of new knowledge and experiences. Generally she tries to keep an optimistic outlook, and will happily jump at the chance to help in ways she may not be too good at. (Beginner’s Luck as “Oh yeah, I’ve totally done this before. I just need a moment to remember how.”) She loves learning, but can’t seem to focus on anything. I want her raiment to call to mind old punk-style pin collections.

I also have a . . . Conceptual idea as to how she looks. To most non-elves she just looks like any other slightly eccentric elf. To herself she’s totally punked out, makin’ her own style her own way. Other elves meeting her for the first time tend to react, “What in the grey wastes are you supposed to be?!” (Think like meeting someone dressed in soldier’s fatigues, a lab coat and chef’s hat)

She doesn’t have an Instinct yet because I’d want to try and integrate it some with whatever group she joins.

Name: Distikka
Stock: Elf
Class: Ranger
Age: 83
Home: Elfland
Raiment: A collection of Elven “achievement” badges. Not all were earned.
Parents: Lunaradience & Dane-Yule, Mentors
Mentor: Made her own way.
Friend: Vex, the Pathfinder.
Enemy: None, yet.
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Belief: With time, any situation can change.
Goal: TBD
Traits: First Born, Curious

  • Will 4
  • Health 4
  • Nature: Elf 4 (Singing, Remembering, Hiding)
  • Circles 3
  • Resources 0
    Wise: Elf-lore Wise,
    Skills: Fighter 3, Arcanist 3, Dungeoneer 2, Healer 2, Lore Master 3, Orator 2, Scholar 2, Scout 2, Survivalist 2
    Spells: She’s waiting for a spot at someone’s table to roll.