Distinction between Playing Against and Betraying BITs

For the Dwarf Greed and Elf Grief emotions there are obstacles of Betraying Beliefs and Instincts. What is the different between betrayal of a BIT and playing against it for purposes of emotional traits?

The reason for this is a redesign for the Corruption emotion—I’ll post a thread on it later for critique—for a world Gifted limited to specific traits for Practical and Enchanting magic.

What’s the difference between “betraying” and “acting against” in general? It’s the same here. If I have an instinct like “Always care for the children first” but I leave the kids out in the rain so the old man with pneumonia can have the tent and won’t die, I am breaking that instinct but not betraying it. If I leave them out in the rain because I don’t want to ruin my velvet finery? That’s betrayal.

It’s quite common to have beliefs or instincts that are not higher purposes. “I want to be filthy stinking rich and sleep every night on a bed of money” is a belief, but if you act against that belief by feeding an orphan? Don’t mark a test for Greed. That’s not a betrayal. I would say that those conditions are met when you act below a Belief, not above it. Also, I’d look at the EA in question: did you act out of greed? Did your actions reflect despair or feed the misery of the world?

Thanks for the response. It will have to be an opposition through utterly debasing the belief instead of subverting it.

How would betraying beliefs for moldbreaker work out?

I dunno, I think acting against and betrayal could be the same thing.
According to my dictionary, you’ve got three basic kinds of betrayal:

  1. aiding or delivering to an enemy by treachery.
  2. revealing unintentionally
  3. to disappoint, prove undependable to, abandon, or forsake.

I suppose, in that case, the difference would be that “playing against” is a temporary thing and “betraying” is abandoning it for good.

Okay, I think I figured it out for Moldbreaker by reading the AdBu. Moldbreakers return to their beliefs after playing against them, betraying your belief is abandoning it.

Good reasoning.

I think I remember reading somewhere - possibly the AdBu - the rule of thumb that if someone goes against their belief three times, it’s time for them to change it because it’s clearly not really what they believe. That would count as betrayal of a belief, I’d think, even if it was a Moldbreaker moment all three times.

Did I make up that general rule? I could swear I read it but I can’t find it.

pg 216 of the AdBu: “If you find yourself repeatedly breaking a Belief, then it’s time to change it.”

From the paragraph before: “You are in control of when you play into or when you break a Belief. Breaking a Belief isn’t the same as disregarding it for convenience’s sake.”

Disregarding a Belief or breaking it multiple times would be betrayal.