Hi I’m a newbie here although I got BW over ayear ago. I’ve only managed to play it once though. But what I wanted to ask was: Will Burning Empires be distributed like Burning Wheel through ordinary distribution channels or is it IPR only? My FLGS don’t do IPR but has BW and it sell quite well so I wondered if it would show up there sooner or later or if I had to make another order on IPR before christmas ;).

Burning Empires is not available through IPR. It is already in distribution. Tell your FLGS to order it through its distributor. 8)

Thanks Thor, saw your post and pestered my FLGS about it. Alliance which is their main distributor for overseas games just was a bit slow it seems. Anyway it arrived today and I picked it up. After a cursory read through I’ve got to say that it looks great and it’s certainly a contender with Metabarons for the best illustrated RPG out there. :slight_smile: The World Burner looks impressive and seems to create a variety of diverse settings. I also like that the group creates the level of opposition together. In many SF-rpg’s the setting seems so open (e.g. Blue Planet) that it The rest of the system seems to be much of the same from BW but it looks better organized and layed out. The traits in particular looks more easy to find. I like the writing here better as well, it seems clearer and more concise.