Distributor Availability?

Hi, BWHQ–hope this is mostly the right forum for such a question (I am trying to get started… by buying the book! :slight_smile:

I try to deal exclusively with my FLGS, Sci Fi Genre in Durham, NC. I just contacted them about Mouse Guard, because they have it listed as “Pre-Order” on their web site. Their reply was that Diamond [Comic Distributors?] lists it as pre-order, too, though “it looks like the release date has been pushed back.” (I guess that means sooner? Stupid, MBA-invented temporal terminology…)

So, BWHQ, what’s up with the availability of the Origins and Indie Game Awards Best Game winner (and possible multi-win in the Ennies, too!)? I suspect you are about to undergo a BIG demand, and yet a significant distributor has an uncertain status for your book!

Diamond has been selling the books hand-over-fist since December 2008.
Alliance stocks Mouse Guard, as well.
As does IPR.


That’s what I’d imagine, given the time lines.

I am taking it up with SFG. Diamond has something borked in their systems, I think. I also suggested Alliance, in the event that SFG has an account with them as well.

Thanks for the hyper-speed response–oh, wait, Best Support. ;^)

OK, Sci Fi Genre has me all kinds of confused.

Luke, is this the current release and is it soft cover:

If so, WTF is up with this item, on pre-order (which is what I thought was the “only” pub):

I am ready to make a buy, but am sort of confused. Should I hold out for the second item, because it’s so hawtness? Or shouldn’t I hold my breath, because it’s WAY off in the future?

I don’t know what the first link is.

The second link is the correct book and price. It certainly isn’t in preorder any more – we’ve sold thousands of copies through Diamond, Alliance and IPR.

AFAIK, MG:RPG is only available in hardcover. I think SFG has their wires crossed.

OK, I am trying to get them sorted out in their order database (though I’d happily pay $15 for it!). That could mean Diamond needs sorting, but I suspect SFG just has an outdated catalog and/or database link (or something–not sure how they communicate with Diamond).


We were the 13th top seller at Diamond for July.

I’m assuming you don’t have a LGS? I’ve been able to keep my shop in stock easily with Alliance distribution. Being a big fan of the game I push it rather heavily on my customers (snicker)

I just picked up my copy of the rulebook at Borders yesterday.

Looks great, can’t wait to try it out.