Divine aura

When you use a deeds point to have a divine aura, described as Ignoring all dice penalties for a brief time, can you still go unconscious from wounds or accumulation of multiple wounds that would usually reduce a stat to 0?

Unless you take a mortal wound you stay up until the end of the fight. Please note though that it says “ignore wound penalties” so those six traumatic wounds don’t magically vanish and will come back with a vengeance when the fight ends. I also believe you still have to make the Steel test when you take the wound since that’s tied to taking the wound and not the “take a penalty” step. Double-check that one though.

EDIT: I’m wrong and Kublai is right on the last point, if you don’t take a -1 (or greater) die penalty, you don’t have to test steel.

No, you would only be Incapacitated after the scene/test/whatever was over.

You wouldn’t take any Steel tests, either.

You are a GOD for that moment.

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