Divine Burden failure and the Grind

Our Theurge performed a free casting time ritual without a relic making the casting time 1 turn, on turn 4, and failed their Health test, gaining 1 condition. They were Angry.

Can they become Hungry & Thirsty, then eat, then the Grind happens and they become Hungry & Thirsty again? Or must they become Hungry & Thirsty, then Afraid, and only then have a chance to relieve Hungry & Thirsty?

I ruled there was plenty of time to relieve Hungry & Thirsty, because stuff doesn’t actually happen simultaneously. It wasn’t clear to me whether the rules were supposed to cover this case and didn’t (or I didn’t see), or if it was supposed to be open to interpretation.

The Grind always ticks over before the characters have a chance to eat on turn 4. They can eat and alleviate H/T if they have a quiet moment at any point after that.

In this case, the theurge makes a test on turn 4 and gets a condition from it (angry). The grind ticks over. If they are not H/T, they earn H/T. They would now be H/T and angry. Cool. If they are already H/T and they just earned Angry, the grind would make them exhausted and they would be H/T, angry and exhausted.

Initial post wasn’t clear: the theurge was Angry going into the ritual. Regardless, that clears it up Luke, thanks. How it should have gone:

  • Theurge succeeds their Ritualist test.
  • Theurge fails their Health test. Their first open condition is H/T; Theurge is now H/T.
  • That’s the fourth turn. The Grind says the Theurge gains Exhausted, everyone else H/T.
  • Now y’all can eat/drink.

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