Do Beginner's Luck tests count as Stat tests?

I was under the impression that a beginners luck test counted as a test for the skill to open, but not for a stat test. But from Great Stat -> Grey skill thread I got the impression that they count for both. Namely from when Kublai says

"Perception is one of the easier Stats to advance (maybe behind Speed and Power), as you roll it each time you want to learn a new Perception-based skill… and those are infinite thanks to -Wises. And it used to be an integral part of Range & Cover in BW Revised, but now I’m unsure in Gold. In fact, R&C ensured Perception rocketed up in no time, what with Helping and all. "

In the thread. Am I reading this right? If I am beginners lucking a test, that is say OB 3 sword for example and I have B6 Agility. The double OB penalty makes that a B6, so I would get both a difficult Agility test, AND a test towards opening sword?


You get either a test for opening a skill, OR a stat test, depending upon how hard the check was. If the obstacle would have been routine before doubling, it counts towards opening the skill. If the obstacle would have been challenging or difficult before doubling, it counts as a stat check.

On a related note, I’ve always found it strange that you consider the obstacle before doubling, rather than after. I assume it would be too hard to open skills if it were the other way?

Well I have been thinking of it like This is an OB X, but because of the double obstacle it then becomes OB 2X.

I guess I think of it as being either an Ob 3 Sword Test, or an Ob 6 Agility Test, and find it weird that if you don’t have Sword and make the Ob 6 Agility Test, you log it for advancement as if you had made an Ob 3 Agility Test. I understand what the rule is, I just found it a little weird and was curious if anyone knew why it worked that way. I suspect its so that a broader range of obstacles lead to unlocking skills instead of advancing stats.

the doubling is a special obstacle penalty, and those are tracked separately. Similarly, you only double the base obstacle, not the modified obstacle.

Attempting routine things leads to learning and improvement, attempting difficult things is just hoping and praying for a fluke.

Does Learning New Skills on Page 49 clear up your questions?

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Yeah Luke, that clears things up. I was browsing the forums at lunch when I posted and didn’t have the book on me. Thanks for clearing things up.