Do helpers earn advancement?

Sorry about the newbie question here. I know that helpers learn in Burning Wheel, but I couldn’t see if it’s the same in Torchbearer. Thanks!

Hi @ErikSonOfEliah !

In Torchbearer (2nd Edition), Helpers can learn from helping, but they need to spend a Fate Point to do so.

Dungeoneer’s Handbook (p251), under the section Secondary Characters:

  • Help with skill or ability (+1D)
  • Aid with a wise (+1D)
  • Synergy: spend a fate point to learn

Scholar’s Guide (p87), under the section Synergy:
When helping another player on a test, the helper may spend one fate point before the dice are cast to learn from the experience.

By contrast, in Torchbearer 1st Edition, you had to spend one of your hard-earned Checks to learn when helping!

Torchbearer 1st Edition (p23), under the section Help Checks:
You can spend a check when you help another character. Mark off the check as you hand them the helping die. Doing so allows you to log a test for advancement for that roll.


Phenomenal, thank you so much!

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