Do these BIGs sound right?

Brannigan the Tenderpaw

Belief: There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with knowledge, a daring plan, and swift action.

Instinct: When I hear someone praised, praise my own accomplishments (recent or future).

Goal: Take the lead in this mission and show these old furs how it’s done.

Traits: Bold(1), Inquisitive(1), Longtail(1)

The main key with BIGs is that they have to push the character, right? I figure this kid is a cocky son of a B*&^%. I’m almost certain he won’t get promoted the first year.

Great Instinct. Id’ rather see more conflict in the Belief. Knowledge, a daring plan, and swift action seem to cover the bases too well. It will be easier to have challenged if it’s just one of the three. I’d pick swift action based on your further description of the character.

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I like the Belief (but maybe ditch “knowledge” if you’re really going to challenge some old furs.)


I agree with Daniel, and Luke. You’ve got all the bases covered in that Belief, so it’s not a very grabby. I’d almost remove “daring plan,” also: There’s nothing that can’t be accomplished by swift action. It really speaks to the character, and leaves lots of room to grow and develop. After a few encounters with the results of “swift action” alone, he might decide that “a bold plan” is more wise and yet still requires some element of boldness and immediacy. In other words, the Belief can remain true to the character, but change subtly over time to reflect his experience.