Do wound tolerances ever change?

The book doesn’t actually seem to discuss this. Would you recompute every time Forte/Power advance or are they forever set in stone?

You recalculate when the “root” stats change.

You totally recalculate when the roots change. The only things that don’t get recalculated are things that advance independently after they are created. So skills are not recalculated, and Steel doesn’t get a surprise mid-game +1 bump when your Will hits five, but things like MW (and so all the other tolerances too) and Reflexes totally are adjusted when their parent stats are chaned.

Cool, I figured that was the case, it was just curiously not mentioned at all in the Hub/Spokes or Anatomy of Injury sections.

Steel doesn’t get recalculated when your Will goes up, but Hesitation goes down!

It’s talked about in Advancement on page 43.

Actually even that says nothing about the PTGS.

I don’t think it’s actually in the book.

See Advancing Attributes on p. 43.

Example: Loquien (Itinerant Monk) has all B4 stats, a Mortal Wound of B10 and Superficial of B3 (very vanilla, just like the book) his Light wound is set at B5 (two over SU).
If Loquien manages to increase his Forte to B5 his LI wound would be raised to B6 (1/2 Forte rounded up), if he then was able to raise his Forte to a B6 (bring on the spiders), or his Power to B5 (much more likely) his Mortal Wound would raise to a B11 which would allow all of his PTGS to spread out more. Raising his Forte to B6 would also raise his SU to B4 (1/2 Forte rounded down). At least, that’s the way I think it works!

While there’s a rule on that page that explicitly says that Mortal Wound goes up when it’s defining stats goes up (and thanks for pointing me to it, btw), that page does not have an explicit rule that says to also adjust the other wound tolerances when you do that. Neither, it seems, does any other page. (It’s a big book, though, could be wrong.) It seems like the consensus is that you should, but it doesn’t seem to be an explicit rule is all I’m saying.

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PTGS is not an Attribute, but a bunch of factored numbers from the Mortal Wound attribute.

So PTGS changes (refactors) as Mortal Wound changes. Does the superficial wound and PTGS spacing change as Forte goes up, or have I been doing it wrong?

Yes, PTGS is a function, really.