Do you have to Staunch Bleeding before Treatment?

  1. As the title says - do you have to staunch bleeding before treatment, or can you just go straight to treatment (assuming you have time)? (The former would be pretty harsh!)

  2. The treatment obstacles table lists Nursing - where does this skill come from? I can’t find it the index of skills or the skill definition section. And… why does it suck so badly? (Seriously, nursing is no better at stopping bleeding than child rearing?!)

I almost want to say Nursing is Child Rearing, cause I can’t find it either, and it’s exactly the same.

As for stop bleeding before treatment, I don’t think you do, because proper treatment would involve stopping the bleeding. Staunching it is just a “Oh Wheel! Don’t let me die!” type of action on the part of your friends. It’s where the guy who opened Field Dressing at 2 and just advanced it to 3 gets to use it to save his buddy while someone Circles up a doctor

Nursing is in the Monbu, if I’m not mistaken.

You do not have to stop the bleeding before you treat a wound. STB exists as an option for folks with low medicinal skills to help a friend get a real doctor before shit really gets bad.

Kewl, thanks.

I’m pretty sure Nursing is the wolfy equivalent of Child Rearing.

MoBu page 351, Thor wins a prize!

It is “the delicate process of weaning pups off the teat and slowly introducing them to meat and forage. Nursing may also be used as Field Dressing”