Does hesitation stack?

Can you make someone make a steel test if they are already hesitating? For example, if someone casts the fear on me and I hesitate for two actions, and then someone wacks me for a light wound while I’m hesitating, should I still test steel? If yes, does the hesitation compound straight up?

Yes, I believe it does. Hesitation can easily end a fight.

It stacks. Like an avalanche of rocks it stacks. Like a game of evil Tetris it stacks.

Add new Hesitation to any remaining Hesitation.

Thanks for answering a question i didnt even know i had!


This? Im confused…

It basically means you took the words right out of his mouth. What you said is exactly what he wanted to say.

Gotcha…im an idiot. Durp.


This? I’m confused… Ha!

I stand and drool.