Does Order of Might ever increase?

It seems there are two ways to increase Order of Might temporarily: through spells and through a magic potion.

Does Order of Might ever increase permanently?

More directly, could a group of adventurers ever slay a Ogre, Troll or Young Dragon (Might 5) per the rules, or do they have to be driven off?

Hack territory:

What are the implications of increasing the kill threshold? Mechanical breakdown? I know that the conflict rules are dispo-based, and they’re probably harder to fiddle with.

I don’t dislike the idea, it totally fits with the theme, but being able to adjust it would be suitable for higher-powered themes. So, therefore, the question.

I would guess that killing a dragon would require a Dragonslayer weapon that will break when dealing the killing blow :rolleyes:

Im going to take a while stab in the dark and say that maybe TB will be “tiered”. As in at lvls 1-5 you are might 3 as a group, then 6-10 might 4, etc etc. Could be wrong but it seems kinda logical, that way eventually your party can take on and kill Dragons and Ogres. ??

Makes a lot of sense to me. That would bring the party to Might 6 (at levels 15-20), which would allow them to get temp Might 7, and never be able to kill Might 8 (which completely makes sense).

Not to mention that skills are capped at 6 and would probably increase with those tiers. +2 to the cap in 6-10, +1 in 11-15 and +1 in 16-20 for maximum 10D. Maybe.

Another way (albeit temporary) seems to be through a mount. When I read that, I immediately thought: Dragon Riders!

At present, your options for increasing Might include:
[li]The Destiny of Heroes spell[/li][li]The Evocation of the Lords of Battle prayer[/li][li]The Potion of Giant’s Blood[/li][li]A mount with a higher Might than your own[/li][/ul]

I could certainly see a magic item like a dragon-slaying black arrow that can increase your Might in a conflict against a particular creature.