(Based on my love of dogheaded people in medieval bestiaries).

Might: 2
Nature: 3 (Ambushing, Smelling, Chasing)

Flee: 6
Attack +1D persistent
Defend +1s keen nose

Kill: 5
Attack +1s ripping teeth
Maneuver +1D wooden spear

Trick: 4
Defend +2D Obtuse

Drive off: 2
Attack +1s ripping teeth
Maneuver +1D wooden spear

Armour: usually none, sometimes leather
Instinct: ambush and devour intruders
Special: (fennec type) Can travel easily through arid and desert terrain, and go without water for several days.

In my adventure, they were desert-dwelling and their heads looked like fennecs, but dogheads in different environments should be adjusted to fit the local conditions (either a local wild canine or suitable domestic dog look).

Dogheads have the bodies of humans and the heads of desert foxes (complete with huge ears). They live in hot areas and are well-suited to these conditions. They typically wear a loincloth and belts to carry gear. They’ll eat pretty much anything, including people, and are fiercely territorial. Most packs are made up of a family – a mated pair, and two or three litters of youngsters of different ages. They do not make many tools, but will use anything they can steal or trade.

I would totally bark for these guys.