Don't Understand Fate/Persona Point Tracking

Under the Fate and Persona sections on the character sheet, why is it important to keep track of “Current Total” and also “Total Spent”?

Is there some rule that plays off of Fate/Persona points that have already been spent? I’m having trouble understanding why there are two fields here instead of just one.

Going up in level is based on the amount of Fate and Persona you’ve spent.

AHHhhhh! Thanks! That’s what I was missing! I’ll have to read the rules more carefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Follow up question, can you earn new Fate and Persona points mid-adventure? Or do those only get applied to your character when visiting town and/or between sessions?

At the end of every session, flip to page 109, the Rewards chapter. Read through the page and dole out the fate and persona for each player accordingly. This chapter also lets the different ways you can spend fate and persona.

Yup, and then you have to spend them so that you can level up when you return to town!

Very cool. Thanks for the explanations guys. GM’ed my first session last weekend and I’m trying to get all the rules down.

On the upside, I finished my Torchbearer character sheet for and it’s working great! Who knew tabletop would translate so well online? :smiley:

If you’re playing a longer session, I could see handing out Fate/Persona. Long, in this case, means 8+ hours.

If you do something like that, split up the game time into two sessions. Do a reward thing at the middle point. Take off 10 minutes to relax. or 30minutes to eat etc. and then jump into a second session. If you do a prologue then or not depends on what you like to do.

^Key point I failed to mention. Definitely do not marathon through it. For one, your players will run out of rewards. Two, they’ll be exhausted.

We are also playing on roll20… Do you have a way to share that character sheet?

EDIT: The TB sheet is now part of the standard character sheets and is listed in the dropdown.
Before launching, go to Details > Campaign Settings. Scroll down to the Character Sheet section and select Torchbearer from the dropdown.

You don’t need to download this anymore unless you want to tweak it yourself. IF you want to do a custom sheet based on mine, then continue with the steps below.

You will need to be a Mentor to make your own character sheet.

You can then switch over to the Dev server:

Before launching, go to Details > Campaign Settings. Scroll down to the Character Sheet section and choose Custom.

Then paste in the contents of the HTML and CSS files. You can see what it will look like in the preview (except for the fields that can be duplicated like Wises and non-standard Skills).

Make whatever changes you want, then hit Save, and then go launch your campaign.

This might actually motivate me to run some more Torchbearer on roll20…

Logged quite a few hours over there recently in two separate TB campaigns and a BW one-shot in both player and GM rolls. Works fine. Don’t really use the grid other to indicate who is in full and dim light. The icons are useful for tracking conditions and disposition visually.

Yeah we never used the dynamic lighting system. It’s not very useful for TB.

Also, good news for everyone that wants to use the TB character sheet on It’s now part of the standard roll20 offering. You no longer need to have any kind of subscription, nor do you need to manually copy/paste the HMTL. It’s been added to the character sheet dropdown list. Please let me know if you have any issues!