Doodles in my Rulebook - Thirlmere the boy warrior

So I’d been doodling in my rulebook and came up with the idea of a young, idealistic warrior. The sort of fantasy alter ego from when I was 14 and playing D&D way back in the early eighties.

Name: Thirlmere
Stock: Human
Class: Warrior
Age: 14
Alignment: Unaffiliated

Belief: I’ve always wanted to be remembered as the boy who could.
Instinct: Always boast of my exploits.
Goal: Explore the tombs of the elfking and find the fabled dragon’s hoard.

Home: The hamlet of Threesprings
Raiment: Patched tunic, mail, woven cloak and deep cowl

Parents: Quail and Finn the Innkeepers of the “Tooth and Nail” an adventurer’s dive in Threesprings
Mentor: Griff the blacksmith / scout. (I was an adventurer like you till I took an arrow in the…)
Friend: Toby the apprentice alchemist
Enemy: Versimilax, the Mayor’s spoilt brat and wannabe knight.
Circles: 3

Abilities: Will 5, Health 3
Skills: Fighter 4, Hunter 3, Commander 2, Rider 2, Mentor 2, Pathfinder 3, Persuader 2, Scout 2,
Wise: Dragonwise
Traits: Heart of Battle, Early Riser

Nature: Human 4
Boasting by the fire, listen to my elders, do not fear those that would prey,
Descriptors: Boasting, Demanding, Running

Spear, shield, mail armor, pot helm,
Resources: 0

That’s a great character and a wonderful sketch!

(I think you have to answer “no” to at least one of your Relationships, though.)