Dorwun of Cesspit, dwarf adventurer from sewers

Sorry for my english, guys, not a native speaker

Name: Dorwun of Cesspit
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Age: 37
Raiment: Metal mesh facial mask

Home: Bustling Metropolis
Parents: Burtok of Cesspit and Phlick from Forsaken Clan (Hagglers)
Mentor: Downward Sol (Dungeoneer)
Friend: Cordan Brunn (Steward)
Enemy: Nightshift guard Turzel (Human Fighter)

Belief: Remember that even in cesspit you may find a ruby.
Instinct: If you find a parasite (rats, insects) hole, always destroy the entrance
Goal: Someday this guys will greet me as a hero, not a servant

Will: 3
Health: 5
Nature: 5
Nature descriptors: Delving, Crafting and Avenging a Grudge.

Circles: 4
Resources: 0

Skills: Fighter 3, Dungeoneer 4, Orator 2, Laborer 2, Armorer 2, Scout 2, Haggler 3

Wises: Shrewd Appraisal-wise, Sewers-wise
Traits: Born of Earth and Stone 1, Fearless 1

Head: Metal mesh facial mask (against those tricky rat face bites, worn)
Torso: Leather Armor (with ton of patches, worn), Satchel (worn), Rope (carried)
Hand: Rusty mace (carried), Torch (carried)
Belt: Waterskin (carried)
Feet: Shoes (worn)
Satchel: Irom Spikes (carried), Tinderbox (carried), Rations (preserved, carried)

Dorwun of Cesspit is, probably, the most famous dwarf in this bustling metropolis. If you, people, was tired for waiting your municipal saviour, call Dorwun, this midget was born for the dirty work. You have rats at your basement? Tons of ugly bugs rush out from sewers? Dorwun, it’s time to go deeper!..

But if you ask Dorwun, he never want such fate for self and for all dwarven diaspora. Someday he will go outside to find a new home for his people, and, with hard work and patience, will rebuild dwarven kingdom of Grothum hill.

Like it!

He’ll even exterminate the Orkin man! “Pests have nowhere to hide.”

I like this guy. I get a WFRP vibe from him, which is never a bad thing.

Classic. It’s the “Sorry guys I’m not a native english speaker” dude and his English is better than mine. You guys do that on purpose, I know.

Thanks for all your responses, guys. Character creation process was really exciting. Now I’m waiting for full thief class.

2 Jared

Ok, you caught me, I made Dorwun just to improve my Learner skill to third rank.