Double obstacle penalty for Stat versus Skill

I was referencing my copy of BWG after reading this post and failed to find any mention of the basic principle of the double obstacle penalty for stat versus skill in the Hub & Spokes.

Given that I’ve just started working night shifts, and I search like a boy, can anybody point me to it?

Beginner’s Luck (Advancement, p. 49)

Stat vs Skill in Range and Cover (Range & Cover, p. 412).

Skill vs Skill, Stat vs Stat, Skill vs Stat (Fight, p. 441)

Thanks for taking the time, Thor. I should have said, apart from those three quotes. There’s also an inference to it in the description of Avoid the Topic (Duel of Wits,p.395).

If there is no definitive Hub & Spokes mention of it, other than regarding Beginner’s Luck, what would you do if, for instance, you decided that a Bow versus Speed test was required to outrun an assailant. Is Speed at a double obstacle by default? This seems a little harsh to me.

Double Ob to outrun a bow? Doesn’t seem too harsh to me.

I’d make it a Speed vs. Speed test or Speed vs. Perception test (with advantage dice for the bowman) to see whether the bowman recognizes the target and can get off a volley in time (you’ll recognize this as the core of Range & Cover). If the bowman wins, he gets his shot. You’re not going to outrun an arrow.

Perception vs. Speed is a great way to make it a “mini Range & Cover” of sorts.

Last session I was trying to jump a guy before he could nock a second arrow, and we did his Agility vs. my Speed to see whether we’d go straight to Brawling or he could take a shot.