Doubt about wises

In the second edition book they sentence that the wises are just only to offer help or advise to one friend. So can a mouseguard use his wises to add +1 or any other effect to himself or only to offer help to others??

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2e Wises have followed insights from Torchbearer. The primary change is the Wise cannot be added to one’s own dice pool for a test, e.g. I’m making a Pathfinder test and gain +1D from my Trailside Shelter-wise. That was allowed in 1e.

However, you can gain from a Wise using Fate or Persona. In both cases, it is an attempt to turn around one or more coward dice after rolling and seeing the results does not meet or exceed the Ob or Vs. It feels less intuitive in play, and I have found it reduces how often Wises are brought into play.

As an assist for a patrol mate, one can share the knowledge and tips of a Wise, giving +1D for the patrol mate rolling a test. This has the benefit of protecting one’s own character from resulting Success w/ Condition(s) but not results of a Twist.

Another viewpoint should include the narrative meaning of having the Wise. e.g. describing a moving rendition of the Ballad of the Ivory Lass might sound great and could easily fall to a test of Orator, but if you have Lute & Timbrel-wise that sets you up for performance rather than a spoken word recital.


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