DoW: A new Obfuscate effect

Add a new Obfuscate effect, Confusion: Spend 2 successes to force your opponent’s next action to become Feint if it was Point and Point if it was Feint.

Would this feel bad in play for an opponent affected by Confusion?

The intent is to shortcut the long series of Obfuscate actions that it’s theoretically optimal for a much more highly skilled dueler to lead off with the gauge her opponent’s action mix… instead the highly skilled dueler can just script Obfuscate/Point or Obfuscate/Rebuttal and win by 3+ on the Obfuscate.

The only two downsides I can see are
a) the opponent might feel like his agency is removed, and that might be unfun
b) Point and Feint have different allowed skills

The other side of the coin would be Confusion: Spend 2 successes and roll a DoF. On a 4-6, you may spend extra successes to reduce your opponent’s BoA one-for-one on your next action as if they were from a successful Point. On a 1-3, your action is changed to Stand and Drool as you’ve confused yourself.


I agree about the a) and b) objections, it seems fiddly. What’s happening narratively that my opponent has forced me into feinting?

EDIT: Also, have you had long runs of Obfuscate in play? Fascinating!

Heh, no, this is just theorywheeling. “it’s theoretically optimal for…” is code for “none of us are terrible, so in practice we would never do this, but the mechanics incentivize…” :slight_smile: