DoW - Obfuscate explanation

I recently got BW Gold Revised and are planing on running it in few weeks.

I have been reading Duel of Wits rules recently and the decription of Obfuscate is confusing me.

The book says:
Effects: Obfuscate is tested versus everything, even itself. If the Obfuscator wins, the victim of this tactic loses his current action. If the Obfuscator exceeds his obstacle, his opponent also suffers a + 1 Ob to his next action. If the Obfuscator loses the versus test, his opponent’s current action goes off and his successes are applied as per his action description. Furthermore, he gain + 1D to his next action.

What happens on a tie? How is it even possible to win without exceeding the obstacle (opponents successful roles)?

The intent when you script Obfuscate is for “nothing happens”. Rather than a tie breaker situation this one goes to the defender (intent: nothing happens), which is the Obfuscating player.

If the Obfuscating player does better than a tie, the opponent has +1 Ob to the next action.

If the Obfuscating player does worse than a tie, the opponent action happens and they have +1D to the next action.

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So if it’s Obfuscate vs Obfuscate and it’s tied nothing happens? But if one has more successes they get both the effect of a win (opponent losing action) and of having more successes than the obstacle (opponent gets +1 Ob for next action)?

Yeah, and the winner gets +1D to their next roll!

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