Downtime Calculator Spreadsheet

(Gorsh) #1

As we were headed into the next phase, and having a large roster of NPCs to advance with the resulting Downtime, I cracked my head looking for a way to automate, or at least help with, the downtime calculations. And finally, I made it (it was difficult to think how, since it’s a sequential procedure, and spreadsheets compute all their values at the same time).

It’s rather crude, but you can use each sheet to log the Skills/Stats/things being practiced, the desired checks, and the number of month you start practicing; and for each month it checks if it all adds up to your hour limit or it goes over.

Thanks to Nargo (Martín V.H.) for the “data entry” on the Data sheet; I wouldn’t have even started if he didn’t compiled every skill/stat/atribute there.

So, if anyone is out there reading this, let me know what you think of it or any question you have…

Link to the ODS (LibreOffice) version - native.
Link to the XLS (Excel) version - converted.

(David Artman) #2

Any chance it will run on Google Docs? I’m naturally leary of running spreadsheets on my system.

(Gorsh) #3

Hmmm no idea; I’m naturally leary of Google, myself :slight_smile:

Just (half) kidding, let me try uploading it and see if it makes it.

And looks like it works. Slow and ugly(er), but it does. Enjoy (and/or criticize/improve!)

(Kublai) #4

This is a great idea! We lose a lot of game time trying to figure this stuff out.

(Gorsh) #5

Thanks! It took some brain-sweat to figure a way to do it, but it has proven helpful between phases (9 characters, 18 months… hellish!).

It should be easy to change the Data sheet to accomodate BW too; or even better, set a selector between each sheet; but honestly for now this is as far as I go.

I’ve changed a typo on the Steel Routine time; let me know if you find any other mistakes.

(Colin Booth) #6

I want to write an optimal practice solver, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the day a spreadsheet was actually the better route.

(Gorsh) #7

And yet another typo: Intimidation was listed as 2/4/8, instead of 1/2/4. Fixed.

Come to think of it, everyone please check the Data folder to see if there’s any more of this errors.