Draggonus, a human warrior

Well I will give it a go per Luke’s request and post the character i just rolled up.

He is named Draggonus, a name I used for World of Warcraft and has served me well.
Draggonus is a young human male. He grew up in the remote village of Handor. He was ophaned at young age.
Draggonus only keepsake of his parents was a silvered cloth with dragons on it, thus earning him his name. To this day he wears it as a sign to all that he will one day be great.

The village elders put him to work teaching him about being a proper CARPENTER and PEASANT, but Draggonus balked, so it was decided Thron, a local retired DUNGEONEER, would take the silly pain of an ophan. Thron taught Draggonus the art of the dungeon, the swing of a SWORD and the weight of armor.

Draggonus learned well these lessons. Thron grew older, passed his knowledge to Draggonus and when the day came gave Draggonus the shove out of the nest.

Draggonus took the shove, collected the gear Thron offered and made his way to the open road to see what fortunes may be his.
He decided Life was for living and he would take his fair share of it. He learned to always have a sword handy. And his goal was to protect those he agreed to help.

Okay there we go, short and quick

Enjoy all

what about stats Dale

I will add them but not tonight I am tired and I wanted to be the first post :rolleyes:

Okay here are Draggonus stats

Stock: Mannish
Class: Warrior
Age: 19
Home: Handor
Raiment: Silvered cloth emblazioned with dragons
Parents: Ophan
Mentor: Thron the Dungeoneer
Friend: Pat the Weaver

Level: 1st

Belief: Life is for living, I will take what I can out of it
Goal: I will protect those who I agree to help
Instinct: Always have a sword handy

Heart of Battle

Will 4
Health 4
Nature 4/4
Resources 0
Circles 3

Nature: Boasting, Demanding and Running


Commander 2
Dungeoneer 2
Fighter 4
Hunter 3
Mentor 2
Orator 2
Pathfinder 3
Rider 2
Carpenter 2
Peasant 1

Neck - silvered cloth

Hands - carried sword and shield
Torso - Leather armor and backpack
Belt - skin full of water
Feet - shoes
Backpack - Rope, Rations (preserved), small sack and large sack