Draw your Mouse

Recently I was asked about players who wish to have representations of their characters (and may or may not be comfortable drawing or sculpting their character)

Here is a ‘blank’ drawing of mice in 2 poses. Feel free to print this out and have players draw their clothing, color in their cloak, add their weapons, etc. to personalize them and have those graphic representations of their characters.

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Dude, you rock!! Thanks for the suport! Now to put some digital ink to digital paper… :wink:

These are so cool. We’re about to start our Mouse Guard campaign and my players will definitely love these. Thank you so very much.

This is amazing. I’ll sticky this. Someone should link it to the MG wiki, too.


Wonderful, I saw the contact sheet on your blog of various mice using this sketch and I wondered to myself… how can I get a copy of the generic mouse sketch? Many many thanks for posting this!

Awesome! That is fantastic, thanks Dave!

I’d suggest just downloading them and then re-uploading them to the wiki. Unlike a popular forum, wikis rarerly have to archive (or purge!); and you don’t want to be dealing with fixing forum post links when you could just have the raw source files linked (Downloads, maybe?).

Oh, me like.

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When the comics about the war gets published, would it be possible with something like this with a weasel and a ferret? Could be wonderful for an arch enemy or some really important weasel or ferret.
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Any way, this I liked.

Reminds me of Elfquest Character sheets [chuckle]. I loved that game. No really David, its brilliant. Rarely does an Artist invest so much extra stuff for a game about their world. Too cool for the old skool. Ta very much.

These look very nice. I just need to color them now.


I just turned them grayscale, which might be better for those drawers, or something. :slight_smile:

Just go to this LINK!


Me like again.

All the links have gone dead, has anyone got a link to this anymore?

I have fixed the links. Sorry for the blanks being down for so long. I had the Mouse Guard site rebuilt and forgot to include that file in the new site.


Thank you I can now happily butcher your fine images with my hamfistedness with a pencil.

Is this still a thing? I suppose so because it’s still sticky.

This thread is a sticky of the image David provided so that you can draw your mouse. It is not a thread for posting your mouse.


Ok, got it. I edited my post up there.