Drive the monster away from camp

If the camp result is that a monster comes by, make one test to drive it off, is that test 1 turn in the adventure phase (which could trigger the grind)? Is it in the camp phase? If camp, does it cost a check? A similar question for GM twists in camp, if they require tests do they eat up checks?

Good questions, I’m curious about the answers to some of them. The one thing I will note is that the GM usually only calls for a test if it’s something very immediate where there aren’t any choices, like triggering a trap and having to make a Health test to avoid death or poisoning. Otherwise the players are merely presented with a new situation or problem and they can decide how they want to deal with it. Maybe it can wait until camp is over, or maybe they’re okay with the natural consequences if they don’t do anything about it. I would guess then that as long as it isn’t a camp ending twist, they would have the choice of either using a check and staying in camp or ending camp to deal with the problem that has arisen.

It’s adventure phase so it takes a test, unless someone has an instinct.
On a twist, the characters may not be able to make camp.

Yep. This. If a Twist occurs, you can’t make camp and the grind continues.

And the same applies to his last question, twists during camp? Camp ends if there’s a twist and the players decide to or need to respond with a test?

If it’s a disaster, you’re kicked out of camp.
If it’s not, and you have a check, you can spend it to deal with the problem.

I think it also depends on the context. I had a player that was making a potion during camp and failed their Alchemist roll. Rather than end camp, I twisted and said that he ruined his kit and had to get a new one next time he was in town.