Driven Call-On

The Driven trait has some peculiar wording.
“This trait is a call-on for one skill that is related to one of the goals listed in the character’s Beliefs. Choose the skill before play starts.”
Is that meant to be read the same way as Nimble’s “Choose one before starting the game”, or does it mean that before each session a skill is chosen? I don’t think there’d be a reason to think the latter, except that Beliefs are expected to change regularly.

To me, the first line is also noteworthy: “There is a distant goal which drives this character on.”

Emphasis mine. I see this trait as most appropriate when paired with a starting Belief that’s aimed to be a long-term goal; not changing after the first session.

I’m of the same mind, but interested what the intention was, and if anyone has run it the other way.

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It’s intended to be a c-o for a single skill that your character will use to pursue a goal.

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Ideally, if the table accepts multi-stage Beliefs as being the same “Belief” but also capable of getting Persona for completing each stage, it would work best on those.

For example:
My family have been wrongly exiled: I must find an ally in Court so I can learn why
My family have been wrongly exiled: I must find kill my ally for secretly being behind our exile

That introduces some interesting tension between trying to do as much as possible in a particular way to get the advantage of the C-O or having your character spread their approach to snatch unexpected opportunities but potentially not have the advantage of the C-O for several sessions.

Taking a more holistic approach, the choice of how to run the trait affects and is affected by how a table runs trait votes: a game where traits are easier to gain/change potentially needs the limitations on how Driven works to be tighter than one where traits are rarely changed.

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