Droit Annuel & Property

If one is fortunate enough to have rolled for Noblesse de Robe with a Droit Annuel, does one roll an additional time for Property under their second income type (with attendant adjustments to Income, Obligation, and Asset Value), or is the only benefit the Wealth bump from the additional income source?

If additional Property rolls are made, does rolling 1-4: None for additional Income cause a “None” Property Roll (1-4 Homeless, 5 Rented Flat, 6 Country Home), or is the roll skipped entirely?

MM:LFM, pp5-7


Yes! Roll property for each income type. So in your example you’d roll Droit Annuel and then a second time on Income Source None. Obviously, you won’t end up homeless since you have the property from your annual rights.

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Beautiful, thanks! I’m (re-)rebuilding my demographic assessment from the Kickstarter backer PDFs, and that was making me scratch my head a bit.

My birth quality table does not precisely match the demographics of Paris or France at the time. It had to modify it to give a reasonable chance of being a robe or sword noble.

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Makes sense, I don’t expect 4% of the population to have been nobles of some variety in reality. Just a fun spreadsheet for me to play around with between all the unfun spreadsheets I have to make.

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