Dropping your backpack before a fight

Hi all,
I’ve recently started running Torchbearer for a couple players to learn the system. We’ve had one session so far where they created characters and started delving the dread crypt of Skogenby.

A question came up that I still feel uncertain about. Our halfling burglar cook asked if she could drop her backpack before a conflict to avoid having it be a factor for Fighter tests. I ruled on the fly that yes she could, but warned that if things go poorly for them it might mean that her pack has been lost.

After the session, I couldn’t find anything about this in the book or searching the forums. Was I being too lenient in letting her do this?


Exactly the right way to handle it.

Thanks Jared, good to know I was on the right track.

We’ll be playing again this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon.

Trying to figure out if the GM can script grabbing the pack as a maneuver…

Could just offer it as a compromise.

Definitely a potential compromise.

If a character used their pack as an improvised weapon, definitely.

We did end up including it in the compromise.

The players won the kill conflict with a mid-level compromise. I suggested that the unprotected backpack was damaged by an errant attack and is now unusable until they mend it (which will be a good excuse to talk about the Beginners Luck rules in our next session).

This seemed maybe a bit light-weight compared to the other example compromises in the book. But since it was our first conflict and none of us had a good sense of just how dangerous it would be, I’m feeling ok with that. We did talk quite a bit about the other examples, so I think we’ll all be more cautious about entering kill conflicts in the future.

A broken backpack is brutal.

Ah, good to know! I have a feeling that compromises are going to take a lot of practice for me to get right.

My first inclination was to have a foe survive and drag the pack off deeper into the dungeon. But since one of the examples is to have a member of the losing side survive, having it also steal the pack with most of their food and torches seemed far too severe. Maybe more appropriate for a major compromise.

Played a burglar with the Peasant skill and “always mend gear in camp” Instinct. He was a wiz with a needle and thread. Mended some shoes and a backpack to save the day.

I second that a wrecked backpack is painful. Nice compromise.