Druid spells

Accasbel’s Gift (2nd circle druid prayer)
A simple, powerful prayer that turns a ration of water into a ration of wine or mead.
Supplies for Accasbel’s Gift: a drop of blood (for wine) or a drop of honey (for mead)
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Healer ob to tattoo this prayer: Ob 3

Noden’s Provender (2nd circle druid prayer)
Another prayer of necessity and survival, it prevents fresh rations from spoiling upon entering town.
Supplies for Noden’s Provender: a small wreath of herbs and leaves
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Healer ob to tattoo this prayer: Ob 3

Sacred Waters (3rd circle druid prayer)
This prayer turns a measure of water drawn from any natural shrine into holy water. The druid fills a vial with water from the shrine and blesses it. Snow-melt from a mountaintop shrine is sufficient for this prayer to work. No matter how much is drawn from the shrine, only one use of holy water will be created.
Requires: Water drawn from a natural shrine
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Healer ob to tattoo this prayer: Ob 4

Flame of Belenus (3rd circle druid prayer)
This prayer extends the burning time of a candle, lamp or torch. Note that a flame touched by this prayer burns with unnatural, scintillating colors. If the Flame of Belenus is used as a weapon in combat, it grants +1D to one action.
Requires: a burning flame
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Light source factors: a candle, a lamp, a torch
Duration: +1 per additional turn
Healer ob to tattoo this prayer: Ob 4

Childe of Ys (4rd circle druid prayer)
This powerful prayer of transformation turns the druid into a tree, most commonly an oak or ash. Very old druids make use of it to become one with the forests before they die of old age or from the ravages of war, famine or pestilence. Some of the oldest shrines are groves of oaks created by generations of high-level druids that gave up their humanity to the Old Gods of the Forest.

Supplies: a leaf, twig or other piece of a tree the druid wishes to take as their own form.
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Duration: Forever, one season, one adventure, one session, one phase, one turn (the shorter the length of transformation, the more difficult this prayer is to invoke)
Healer ob to tattoo this prayer: Ob 5

To the mundane eye the druid resembles a rather large and ancient tree of the chosen type. Magical inspection reveals its true nature. While in tree form, the druid sleeps and is immune to the Grind. It cannot sense its surroundings nor communicate outside of dreams and visions. It is possible to kill the tree by cutting it down with saws or axes, by burning it or by ripping it from the ground using brute force, floodwaters or hurricane-force winds; unless these extreme measures are taken, the druid is effectively immortal. It’s possible to scavenge or forage leaves, branches, fruits, acorns, etc. from the tree form without harming the druid, just as it’s possible to do the same to real trees without harming them.

Curse of Skins (4th circle druid prayer)
One of the druid’s most feared and legendary abilities is this prayer. With a word, the druid transforms a hapless victim into a braying or bleating beast. This prayer is reserved as punishment for transgressions, to teach humility or in the most brutal of circumstances, to acquire the proper animal sacrifice.

Supplies: A hair plucked from the head of the intended victim.
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Healer ob to tattoo this prayer: Ob 5
Invoking Curse of Skins
This spell causes a versus test between the target’s Will (or Nature for monsters) and the druid’s Ritualist skill. The druid suffers a -1s penalty for each rank by which the target’s Might exceeds their own.

The druid must gaze upon the victim and invoke the prayer. Success turns the victim into an animal for the duration of the curse. Record the margin of success when the prayer is invoked. At the beginning of the next phase and each subsequent phase, the victim rolls its Will (or Nature for monsters), +1D for each rank by which its Might exceeds that of the druid. The obstacle is equal to the margin of success of Curse of Skins. Success frees the victim from the curse. If the obstacle is 0, the curse ends at the end of the phase in which it was cast.

The animal form is selected at random from this chart:

2-3: a salmon
4-5: a deer
6-8: a wild pig
9-10: an eagle
11-12: a wolf

The beast is a mundane creature with Nature and descriptors appropriate to its type.

As for its mental state, the victim may make a Will test if the curse takes hold.

0 successes: The animal acts and appears as a wild beast. The GM controls this character for the curse’s duration.
1-2 successes: The victim has dim memories of being human. The player retains control of the character.
3-4 successes: The victim has full human awareness but cannot speak except as grunting, screeching, howling, etc.
5+ successes: The victim has full human awareness and can speak in their own voice.

Curse of Skins only affects humanoids (Men, dwarves, orcs, elves, etc.).

Very nice light spell. Thumbs up from BWHQ!