Duck Nature

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has thought of what Duck Nature might be? Based on eyeballing the book I’d estimate about a Nature 7 (Crows are 7, Geese are 8) and something like Dabbling, Flying, Noisy, and Swimming. Any thoughts?

(Please feel free to post up Natures for metallic and chromatic ducks if you feel it is necessary…)

I’d say the number is about right, but I’m not sure if “dabbling” is all that clear. Maybe something about them always being in groups?

You don’t need four terms for nature, but it’s nice to give some more focused direction.

Mice and Weasels get a few, most other critters seem to get about three. I’m fond of ducks, and I was trying to think of how their nature differs from Geese.

I was tempted to take Swimming off and use Dabbling instead. Dabbling is when ducks tip themselves over and start rooting about with their bills. I don’t know if Geese do this, but it strikes me personally as something characteristically duckish (duck-esque?).

Like this mallard.

“Lancing” is clearly in duck nature.