Duel of Wits sheet

The Burning Empires Duel of Wits scripting sheet has been posted on the wiki:

I just glanced at the PDF. It looks very nice.
Is there anything different between the BW and BE Duel of Wits?
What I’m asking, is this usable for a Burning Wheel game, too?

I wouldn’t use this until you read the BE DoW chapter. The DoW has been refined a bit. Obfuscate, for example acts slightly differently.

But you could, in the future, use the BE DoW in your BW games.


Looks like a couple of manuevers appear to have less of a sting of failure. Before you’d fail certain manuevers and you’re opponent would get one or more advantage dice next action in addition to having his way with you this action. Now it looks like your opponent just wins the volley without the additional carry-over advantage.

Sound about right? If so, is this designed to make some of the funkier manuevers more appealing? Any other subtleties to note?

EDIT: now I’m wondering if Point does slightly less damage -> Before you took your point successes and subtracted them from your opponents BoA. Now it looks like there are cases where your first success goes towards meeting the ob 1 and only your extra successes count towards BoA damage.

The only one that I’m aware of that got a real working over was Obfuscate. As originally written, failing at an Obfuscate maneuver was a double penalty. Your opponent’s action went off at full successes AND you had an Ob penalty on your next action. It was out of proportion.

We also made Feint a bit more generally useful by making it opposed (or versus, as we say now) to Feint, in addition to Ofuscate and Rebuttal.

Those are the big ones, I think.

Incite comes to mind as appearing to be similiarly changed: before if you failed to incite, your opponent got the margin of failure as advantage dice on the next action where as now, (similiar to how you describe Obfuscate) that margin of failure carry over appears to have gone away.

Ah, that’s right. We made Incite into a versus test against Avoid, Incite and Obfuscate. With that in place, there was no need really to penalize it further.

Just wait for the pdf on Saturday. I’m not going to explain it all again here.


“I corner him, stab him in the face, then run off with his pdfs!” :evil:

It’s cool, man. The beauty of the scripting sheets is how great a job they do at doing the explaining for you. Beyond that, I’m really just:

  1. asking/philosophizing about the design decisions (which Thor covered awesomely, thanks Thor!) because that a) helps my understanding of the game b) helps me explain things to potential players c) what the fuck ELSE do you expect me to talk about when the sheets get posted and I’ve got a lot of time between now and Saturday to kill? I mean shit, come Saturday, I would have read the pdf and posted the same sort of “Huh, this looks interesting, talk to me about it!” posts anyway.

  2. If you vaguely recall, we Herndonites are absolutely cheating, fucking bastards and so naturally I’m gonna ask what the differences are so I can get a leg up on my gaming group and shank em in the back when they aren’t looking.

Or if the sarcasm isn’t obvious, we’re big fans. I’m just talking/getting excited/killing time down here.


If you recall, I may have a leg up on you for being a cheating, fucking bastard.

Seriously, though, I’m really looking forward to reading the .pdf on Saturday.