Duels in M&M

Hi, I think this is my first post so I might as well introduce myself. I am writing from Barcelona, Catalonia, and am obviously planning to run the beautiful campaign written by Luke for this game (actually I am one of the guys in the unboxing announced elsewhere in the forum, sorry I didn’t see that message at the time, so I couldn’t reply).
But before I do that I was planning to run a preliminary game and, since I was quite impressed by The Illumination of Monsieur Fouchier, I thought that’d be a great start. I plan on running it with some modifications, and 2 players only, a Jesuit and an ex-Musketeer. I am also tossing in the mix another musketeer with its own agenda, so there is a good chance that when all is said and done, the thing ends up in a duel between the two musketeers.
So, hurriedly re-reading the rules I noticed there is nothing specific for sword duelling, so I wondered how you guys handle such an iconic type of fighting in your games. I suppose RAW are more than enough to handle this, but I feel those are more oriented to bigger skirmishes, so I am checking in in case any of you has any improvements or suggestions on one on one fighting.

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Welcome to the forums! The duelling rules are in Book 4: More Miseries, starting on page 58.

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Oh embarrassing, I missed that entirely! thanks for pointing me to those rules, I will have look at them!


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