Dumb materials and technologies?

Do those (technologies made of dumb materials) meant to to be off key (not written on character sheet) and unavailable for using mechanically?

Are they rare on Donut?

Any material challenge, when creates technology, creates it as smart technology e.g. with tags and on char sheet?
(I’m looking upon cultivation or recycling for example)

Character sheet limits technologies on hand?

thank you,

Cultivated tech is dumb (most of the time). Less common, harder/slower to create. But easier to create batches and not limited by size of printer. More social cache. Built to last.
Printed tech is smart (most of the time). Super common. Quick to fabricate. Easy to trace back/hack. Limited by size of printer. Built to burn or recycle!
All tech has tags, even dumb tech. “Dumb” just means no nanotech/wifi.

Freemers are limited to ownership of 5 pieces of tech at a time. They may have more but they don’t own them in the technical sense. For example, I can break your chair without engaging in a challenge if it’s not on your character sheet. I just smash it! Hate that chair!

Could you explain your reasoning a bit, Sam? The character sheet is meant to handle all tech.

Tech chapter at page 97 says in last sentence about cultivated technology: “You cannot remotely engage it or burn it out as you can with printed, smart technology”

When I have printed technology, let’s say it’s printed(“smart”) sledgehammer (breaking,heavy,self-swinging), but I left it at my MRCZ. Now I’m involved in breaking challenge at other place. It feels kind of push to involve and burn it remotely. Although above quotation seems to warrant it.

Sentence “This means the tech can’t be tracked on your key…” seem to lead to conclusion that it is not written your char card.

If you bake a muffin and leave it out on the street, nobody will know you were the baker without expending some time and effort. If you print a muffin, it’s encoded with your key’s serial number (for lack of a better term) so it’s trivial to find out: just look at the muffin and you’ll see its date of origin, maker, etc.

I’m not sure how you could use a sledgehammer you left at home, regardless of how it was created. Maybe it was printed with the tag “Mjolnir” and it can fly to your hand… Geneline: Asgardian (strong, Norse, old timey diction).